About Us

Cado industries fruit and vegetable processing was founded in 2017. It began with two employees and a capital of 100,000 ETB. The seed money was obtained from a national entrepreneurship competition award. The company currently employs 63 people (52 of whom are women), and its capital is 58 million ETB. The company processes locally-grown fruit and vegetable products. It is selling its products to supermarkets, retail stores, hotels, and other public and private businesses throughout Ethiopia. Furthermore, the company is undergoing an expansion project to add new product lines such as juices, preserves, squashes, dried fruits, fruit chunks, syrups, ketchup, and tomato paste.

Current products of Cado industries fruit and vegetable processing


Strive to be one of Africa’s best producers and suppliers of fruit and vegetable products in the coming 10 years.

Healthy and fresh raw materials of cado industries fruit and vegetables processing


We provide high-quality and safe products to our consumers

Cado industries fruit and vegetable processing values its customers who plays key role in providing the source


We are concerned with the environment and the needs of our customers. We provide priority to the community's least fortunate groups, particularly women and those with disabilities. We encourage continual innovation, development, and learning from others' experiences. Every part of our business operations is guided by principles of integrity, honesty, and business ethics.

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Why Choose Us

Cado Industries Fruit and Vegetable processing products contain higher percentage of fruit pulp. Our company uses fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farms and process efficiently under hygienic condition by trained and motivated workforce and sell the products at fair price. In addition, Cado industries fruit and vegetable processing products are free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colorants. Therefore, feel free whenever you are using our delicious products.

Cado industries fruit and vegetable processing quality control

Highly Skilled Experts

Our company consists of qualified professionals, experts, and skilled manpower.

Cado uses the freshest strawberry as its raw material for producing cado strawberry jam

Quality Ingredients

We use the freshest fruits ,vegetables and highest quality ingredients for our sweet jams.

Cado industries fruit and vegetable processing customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We highly value our customers satisfaction. Cado is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experience.